Re: Ancient Magma 'Superpiles' May Have Shaped The Continents

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ScienceDaily (Dec. 17, 2008) - Two giant plumes of hot rock deep
within the earth are linked to the plate motions that shape the
continents, researchers have found.

The two superplumes, one beneath Hawaii and the other beneath Africa,
have likely existed for at least 200 million years, explained Wendy
Panero, assistant professor of earth sciences at Ohio State

The giant plumes -- or "superpiles" as Panero calls them -- rise from
the bottom of Earth's mantle, just above our planet's core. Each is
larger than the continental United States. And each is surrounded by a
wall of plates from Earth's crust that have sunk into the mantle.


I guess floppy's theories have just become more piles of manure.

Your constant failure to identify evidences incompatible with plate
tectonics and supporting planetary growth theory is quite amazing.

Let's all rewrite Physics .And Chemistry , too , just for good
measure . And
all Mathematics is suspect....

Pathologic for sure.

You're a Psychologist , too ?

Superplumes stable for 200 Millions years are not compatible with the
convecting mantle claimed by plate tectonics, idiot.

Superplumes or megadiapirs were described by Carey 50 years ago to
explain the growth of the pacific.

Parallel literary license !?!

They are the consequence of the
asymmetrical growth of Earth.

Asymetrical ? Do you consider the Moons orbit is not stable then ?

You can go back to your hole, idiot.


" Build a better * plate * trap and the world will flock to your door
" !