Re: Lightning from a dry-cloudless windstorm?

From: Bob Harrington (
Date: 12/29/04

Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2004 03:42:49 -0800

Michael Mcneil wrote:
> "Bob Harrington" <> wrote in message
>> Another possibility is that Michael might have been seeing the arcing
>> from powerlines being damaged by the wind storm.
> It is always good to be sceptical Robert* but wouldn't the state have
> got wise to Santa Annas and power lines by now?

You'd think - but we ~are~ talking California here... ;^)

> *Are you the bloke who wrote that you'd only believe me if it was warm
> in Seattle this winter, some time back, just before Mt St Helens got
> shirty?

Probably me, though darned if I remember much about it... bobheimers,

As it is, we are running a tad dry in Seattle of late, but temps are
pretty close to normal or a bit below. No snow yet, but maybe next week
if we play our cards right.

Mount St. Helens has mostly been busy oozing out a humongous new lava
dome, with virtually no ash emissions since early in the eruption
sequence. Volcanic gas emissions are also not overly spectacular and,
with the stormy season, certainly don't hang about for long.

Bob ^,,^