Re: What does TAU mean?

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+ The JTWC frequently uses the acronym(?) "TAU" when referring to the
+ estimated time of an event.

.... not so much an acronym, but a letter from the Greek alphabet (see
for example ...

In the UK service, we denote same by the "T+hh" format, so we would
write something like .... " developing low moving quickly
east-northeast, expected just northwest of the Hebrides at T24 " (i.e.,
24 hours on from the initial time.).

Ah. Thanks for explanation, Martin. That makes sense: "TAU" is just
a nerdy way of saying "t" for "time" with the future sense implied.
I guess they did it to avoid the possibility of misinterpretation that
could result from a scrambled single letter in the navy's traditional
message systems; and it continues by habit or custom.

Cheers, Phred.