Belfort Instruments Digiwx AWOS Antiquated and Outdated SHIT

Belfort Instruments ancient ceilometer is being retired.

Belfort Instruments unreliable ASOS wind anemometer is being replaced.

Belfort Instruments faulty Universal 5-780 rain gage is being retired.

Belfort Instruments problem-prone Bendix Aerovane is being replaced.

Belfort Instrument Type F Naval wind system being phased out


And now this:

NOAA Replacing Aging Belfort Digiwx 5-780 rain gages

Quote from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration:

"New equipment currently under evaluation for use with the AIRMoN

program includes the adaptation of several strain gages as potential

replacements for the aging Belfort 5-780" as found at:

All of Belfort's antiquated equipment will cost you "time and agony"

while trying to decipher the weather information being spewed from a

defective piece of Belfort Instruments Digiwx AWOS products. The U.S.

governement knows it and that is why they're disposing of Belfort's

Digiwx rain gage CRAP. Imagine a company that still sells paper charts

for it's outdated 5-780 rain gages in this day and age of electronic

data captures and digital images. This is the kind of SHIT you can

expect from Belfort Digiwx AWOS!


About Belfort Instrument Company

Belfort used to be a leading provider of weather instruments to the

government, professional meteorology and aviation markets. Key

words: "use to be." They never provided any wind sensors to the Wright

Brothers despite their fantastic assertion that they did! Historical

archives available at the U.S. Air Force National Museum (1100 Spaatz

Street, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433) tells a very different story

and specifically mentions a "Richards" anemometer which Wilbur Wright

held as pictured at: The Belfort

aerovane wind system on U.S. Naval aircraft carriers are currently

being replaced with ultrasonic wind sensors from QPI (11207 Single Oak

Road, Fredericksburg, VA 22407) which just won a $94 million dollar

contract for the Moriah Wind System. Belfort wind speed and direction

anemometers found on the ASOS platform are now being replaced with

ultrasonic sensors from the Vaisala Group. Belfort Instruments Model

6000 visibility sensor will no longer be a part of the U.S. Air

Force's OS-21/FSB program come early 2007. And despite a $500,000 U.S.

government grant from NASA's Small Aircraft Transportation System

(SATS) program in 2004 to build a low-cost ceilometer, Belfort didn't

possess the technical smarts nor the engineering know-how to

accomplish the task. So now they're importing the Eliasson CBME 80A

laser ceilometer from Muir Matheson. As one can readily see, Belfort

is no longer setting any standards of measurement in the weather

instrumentation world. And now Belfort is propagating lie after lie

about their fabled company history while trying to steal thunder from

the accomplishments of the Wright Brothers. According to the National

Museum of American History (12th Street and Constitution Avenue, N.W.,

Washington, D.C. 20560), Belfort founder Julian Friez never made it to

Baltimore to set up shop until sometime in the 1890s even though

Belfort officials fradulently claim the company was founded in 1876.

Thus, there was no 125th anniversary for Belfort to celebrate in 2001

even though they hosted a party to which no one came! Belfort's

proclamation that it is the "Oldest Weather Company in the World" is

simply yet another Belfort lie as Thomas Romney Robinson invented the

first wind anemometer in 1846, six years before Julian Friez was born

in 1852. Belfort doesn't even know it's own company history so they

just make it up! You should wonder what other crap (eg. Digiwx AWOS)

they also make up! For more information about Belfort Instrument and

DigiWx, visit dogsh*