Re: TomTom: Can I leave the Bluetooth GPS Powered up and switched on?

jon.p.weaver@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I have just bought TomTom for my Palm T3 with the BlueTooth GPS
> module.
> Since its primarily for use in my car, is it OK to leave the GPS
> reciever powered up permenantly?
> My cradle is on permenant live and the power to the GPS is coming from
> that..
> I am surprised (if not shocked) as to the lack of documentation with
> the Bluetooth GPS receiver but think I have worked out how it works..
> But I am still not sure if it is OK to leave it powered on and out of
> standby 24 hours per day.
> Any info would be appreciated

The TomTom BT GPS has a very low power drain so leaving it wired to a
permanent 12v feed (via the cigarette lighter lead as this has the 12v -5v
cicuitry!) shouldn't be a problem. I would advise you disconnect if leaving
the vehicle unattended for extended periods though to avoid vehicle battery
drain though.

Darren Griffin
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