Re: GPS III+ maps w/ GPS V?

Dr. Joel M. Hoffman wrote:
> My GPS V arrived today. (Thank you to the people here who suggested
> it.) I have two questions that aren't clear from the otherwise good
> documention:
> 1. Can I use my old GPS III+ maps with the GPS V? It seems like the
> GPS V has MUCH more memory than my old GPS III+ (19MB vs. 1.4MB), but,
> on the other hand, the maps in the City Select are MUCH, MUCH larger.
> I used to be able to get a few counties in 1.4MB; now it seems like I
> can only get a few cities in 19MB. Can I use my old maps and just
> load the thing up? (I don't care about auto-routing - I just want to
> see the roads and such on the map). Am I missing something?

My V came with city select 4 .. depending on the area it would hold
more or less data .. from 1 country to one city ... It really depends
on the maps and you need to play in mapsource until you have squeezed
as much aspossible in the 19 MB. Consider yourself happy while yoy
find 19 MB "MUCH MUCH larger" ;)

> 2. Can I use a USB/Serial converter with this thing?

I have tried it and it didnt work .. technically it should work though