Re: Getting Fed Up With MapSource Unlock

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You're again forgetting that Garmin only puts those restrictions you
don't like on maps that are obtained from NavTeq and other suppliers
who demand them.

if you want to see what =restrictions= looks like, see what the OSGB
required on the UK Topo V2 maps (apart from the Navteq stuff, which
Garmin still used for the roads).

Basically the UK has a horrible attitude about its mapping
data. They claim it as "The Queen's proprietary data" or some such.
Same with tidal data. One programmer has had to "unrelease" UK tidal
predictions when he got C&Ded by the UIK government. Not that they're
the only country to do so, but it does force the population to pay
again for data whose collection they've already paid for in taxes.

No printing (at all).

Detail display (in mapsource) restricted to about 800*600 pixels (heck,
may even be smaller).