Re: wrong date on Garmin 12 GPS - copy of April 2005 post

"Cilla" <pcoe@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
The date on my Garmin 12 GPS version 4.59 has reset itself to 12 -sep -
1987. I cannot find a fix on the Garmin user support site. I see that
someone had a fix for this last year on this list. Can someone help me
out? Thanks!

I trust this helps
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Subject: GPS12 - DATE ERROR - Actual working fix - Brutal reset!!

I received the following advice from Garmin UK by phone earlier today - AND

I have not found this published elsewhere so it seems worth circulating
others who get problems with their GPS 12 showing the wrong date - you may
recall ours showed the date to be 2048 weeks ahead - June 2044.

Inevitably it is your risk if you try this!!

1 Switch off
2 Press MARK and power on together.
3 When it says "do you wish to delete data" it should default to YES.
4 Switch it to NO,
5 then switch it back to YES,
6 then switch it back to NO,
7 then switch it back to YES
8 finally press ENTER

The device then does a very slow recovery as it acquires data from the
satellites and may even show incorrect dates until fully recovered but at
the end 10 -15 minutes all is/was well!

All the best, sorry if it seems messy,. It's not April 1st and it worked

Thanks again to the unknown voice at Garmin UK



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