Re: 60CX / 76CX and WAAS

turreypond@xxxxxxxxx writes:
Thank you for responding to my question, very interesting responses.
Overall, do you think an upgrade to the 76CSX model (expense aside,
because I might have a buyer for my 76CS) is justified on the basis of
accuracy. I know the added memory card capacity would be a nice
feature, but that in itself is not significant to me.

You're welcome!

If you can trade up without paying too much I'd be tempted to do it.
I really like the increased sensitivity of the new RF correlator
stage. My older gps was an eMap which had the normal Garmin designed
RF and correlator. It tended to lose lock regularly when hiking under
tree cover. That tended to really mess up the tracklogs.

One potential down side is what to do with if you bought any of
Garmin's DRM-encrusted maps. My multi year old metroguide didn't care
that I was effectively moving the maps from my eMap to a new GPS. On
the other hand, the new Garmin map packages all limit you to only two
GPS serial numbers. If you already used up both serial numbers you
may have to talk the buyer into taking the the maps off your hands
too. The maps are locked to the GPS. If you only used up one serial
number, you might still want to think about selling the maps with the
GPS too. That way you could still add another GPS if the mood ever
struck you to buy another one.

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht

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