Re: 60CSx - Routing problem?

Arthur Hass wrote:
I also thought this was a bug. However, given the auto routing function
and all the various settings in Mapsource and the GPSR, I can see how
the problem presents. It seems to me that the only thing that is
transfered from Mapsource to the GPSR are the route waypoints. Given
these, the auto routing takes over. Given this, it is important that:

1) your waypoints are spot on - if not exactly at intersections, it can
cause auto routing to select another possibility,

2) the routing settings in Mapsourse and the GPSR are set compatibly -
one can't be set to auto/motorcycle and the other to bicycle.
Similarly, there is the "Try to Avoid" settings and the "Road Selection"
setting. And, the "Driving Speeds" settings and the "Calculation Style"
settings. Also, the "Advanced" avoidance settings in Mapsource DO NOT
transfer to the GPSR.

If you think about it some more, you might not consider it a "bug."
Garmin has tried to offer a multitude of options for routing. If these
are removed, you are back to the waypoint and rubber band approach in
the last generation of receivers. You really can't have it both ways
and keep it simple.

You make some good points.
I'm holding out for it being a bug - maybe I'm an optimist.

For yet another example of why there is a difference: As you say, the
60CSx can't define regions to be avoided, as you can in mapsource - so
a (re)calculated route on the device wont necessarily be the same.
Then there is the routing tool - the result of auto-routing with 2 or
several waypoints or using the routing tool is that there are a pile of
directions generated. Why not send these to the unit?
And then there is the fact to folks share routes over the net - which
may have no waypoints defined at all! These cannot be used on the CSx
at all, no way.

sure, you can't have it all ways... but what we're looking at is not
really such a big deal. Transfer the directions information from
mapsource to the device. As happens, for example, on the Quest (which
in every almost every other way is identical to the 60CSx so far as
road routing and navigation is concerned give or take City Select /
Navigator etc).

Indeed, the CSx is more complicated, so far as road navigation is
concerned. It does POIs - which garmin say they can't engineer into the