Re: My trusted GPS failed me!

Per Henneberg Kristensen wrote:
Did you report to Garmin/Navteq - or just let it go so others will be in the
same situation next time?

What is there to report ? My feeling is that this was not an isolated
error, but rather systemic issue of the GPS not knowing about road
quality, road width etc. Next thing people will complain about is the
GPS telling you to use some road with a very steep hill.

In the past, GPS users were very aware of the limitations of GPS units
(especialy under SA). Now that GPS has been unleashed to the general
population, there are many people who are very unaware of such
limitations, especially now that GPS units include maps whose
limitations are not spelled out. And note that even the topographical
maps or whatever datasets that the GPS maps were derived from have their
limitations too.

Only experience and discussions with others will teach you about what in
your GPS can be trusted, what can be used as a guide, and what shouldn't
be trusted. And because map quality/details vary from region to region,
country to country, it is somewhat harder to build your knowledge base
of how good the map is by conversing with people or other regions.