GPS trekking software for Symbian Series 60


I have found a handful of GPS applications for my Nokia 6600 suitable for trekking and other kinds of outdoor living.

But as I am going on trekking in a few days, I don't have the time to try them all thoroughly. Besides, it seems that their trial conditions are simply to limited to try them out - for example, they shut down after a few minutes, before I even get used to the menus etc.

Of those I have tried, these seem to be the best:

What I need is an application that will create and load tracks and routes, allow me to follow a route using previous tracks or waypoints etc. A do-it-yourself map feature (creating maps from graphic files) is something I value very much, although it is not 100% essential.

If someone has experiences with these or other Symbian based applications, I would very much like to hear about it.

Also, if you don't have a symbian based device but another GPS device useful for trekking, I would like to hear which features I should look for. As I have only used my GPS for normal road use, I might miss some important points when trying the programs out.

Thanks in advance!