Re: Are there any consumer-grade GPS with sub-meter accuracy?

Wow - Leica equipment is not exactly "consumer grade", is it? It used to be
very pricey stuff.

When trying to exactly place landmarks on a map for map registration
purposes, I used to use a program called VisualGPS ( ) to average my position readings. It
is, I believe, freeware. I haven't used it in some time, but it gave good
results. It ran on my old laptop and I would run it for various lengths of
time to try and determine when it became pointless to continue to try to
reduce total error via averaging. I think that the answer used to be about
5 hours per point! But I only needed a few point to get my map registration

I'd park at a known obvious position with a good view of the horizon in all
directions and let the program average GPS readings for hours. I'm not sure
how much it would help now with WAAS active, but it was useful "in the old
days." However, spending hours at a single point may not be what you had in

Of course, one then has to ask "why do you want this degree of accuracy?"
For example, much of my work involves mapping hiking trails. Does the
casual trail user care if the line on a map representing the trail is off by
a meter or two? Probably not (unless it appears to go into a lake!) I have
never had a complaint about a lack of accuracy in the trail maps I produce
with just a consumer grade WAAS enabled GPS and some selection of tracks
based on the EPE readings. However, if I were planning to build my house or
a fence next to a perceived property line, I would hire a surveyor to set
the stakes. My consumer GPS just is not accurate enough under the best of
circumsyances, and I can't easily predict when the "best of circumstances"
will happen.

I believe that the next generation GPS satellites being placed in orbit over
the next few years will eventually result (with next generation high end
consumer GPSs) in consistent sub-meter accuracy. But not with today's GPS
consumer units.

You might look into RINEX post processing. If you Google on that, you will
find lots of info. However, not many consumer grade GPSs can output data in
the form required. See: for a discussion.

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On Tue, 22 Apr 2008 23:02:15 +0200, "David Mauro" <dm-nospam@xxxxxxxx>

You may try Leica Geosystems GS20.
In order to get submeter-accuracy you can get cm-accuracy more or less for
the same price (which might be around USD 1500 at ebay for used devices)
See (in German language)

Interesting, can't say I really understand German though, pretty
impressive accuracy, does Leica provide a post-processing suite ?

I wonder where the improvements over the Delorme system are on top of
the better antenna, better crystal ?

"NadCixelsyd" <nadcixelsyd@xxxxxxx> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
In short, can I get 1/2 m accuracy for under $1000.

I want to measure, as precisely as possible, the location of several
points around a lake (bridges, buoys, etc). I know about "averaging",
but how long do I need to dwell "on-station" to get sub-meter accuracy
with WAAS? I don't know of any consumer-grade GPS that displays
position less than one meter. To get the accuracy I desire, I am
willing to post-process.