Re: GPS time sync

On 1 Dic, 12:37, Kak <jordi....@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Thanks for all the responses, they've been very illustrative (I'm
learning about GPS the hard way... with deadlines ;) )

On Nov 27, 6:36 pm, claudegps <claude...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

When the position is valid, also the time is valid.

Is time already valid when there's a 2d fix, or should I wait until
there's a 3d fix?

It 's valid already when you have 2d fix.
The time must be known to the receiver to validate the 2D position.

Given Terje's explanation I'd say the 2d fix will have a worse
precision but it may be good enough for my timestamping needs.

I'm not sure that a 2d fix means worse precision, but it should be
anyway good enough for most of the needs