Re: Image Segmentation

Prospero wrote:
> Thank you very much!
> You are right i need this for analysing microscopy images (I am
> anatomist).Unfortunately in my country it is not easy to find any
> literature on the matter, so i do my searching only over the internet!
> Actually i am just starting to use/understand image analysis and i was
> fascinated by the possibilities it offers!
> Unfortunately i am simple user and do not write programs, but i tought
> that if i knew a bit more i could sqeeze out more from the image
> analysis software i am using (it's image J by the way)!
> Thank you once again!

You (and thinking of the other contributor as well) will find some
assorted and random links on microscopy image analysis in:

Note in particular the link 'publications' at the top and
'Watersheds_514'; those are links to Noel Bonnet's group at U. Riems.
In the publications you will find some downloadable PDFs that may
interest you.

'Watersheds_514' is a very good implementation of the watershed method
of image segmentation -- coded as a plugin for ImageJ.

We are using ImageJ. You will find ImageJ very useful, not only what is
offered by its core, but also the many plugins available from the
ImageJ website. As well as using other's plugins, we are developing our

Myself, I use also the GIMP, XV, and ImageMagick (all freely
available), along with my own image processing and pattern recognition

There are more random and unsorted links on active contours and
deformable templates at:

Active contours and deformable templates are not related -- except in
that web page. is a top class resource.

There is a paper on recognition of larvae at:

That's more or less undergraduate stuff and possibly should not have
been published in a conference proceedings at all. But the methods are
relatively sound.

There is a longer draft of the paper at:

Finally, the BibTeX file for the papers are at:

However, our work on segmentation (PhD of Christopher Hudy) is just
starting. My email address is in the links; if you want to keep in
touch, we will be issuing a significant report on segmentation methods
some time in the first half of next year; and we will be testing
methods and developing software from now on.

> If i have any questions about image analysis is it all right to post
> them here?


Where is .bg?

Best regards,

Jon C.