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> >As usual, nonsense...
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> >With reference to the ~te iru and dictionary forms (nonde-iru vs,
> >nomu), here is a writer trying to figure out how to explain the
> >action of an undefined tense.
> Well, two comments: (a) don't try and overdo the equivalence between
> the English "ing" and the Japanese "?" form; and (b) I couldn't
> see the author using the word "tense" at all, much less "undefined
> tense".
> He correctly pointed out examples of "ing" creating participles,
> progressive forms, adjectives and gerunds. He could have even tossed
> in a gerundive if he'd wanted.

But then he indicated the noun "writing" as an "-ing" word.... (I'm
still trying to think of a substitute in that sentence.)

> I quite agree with the point about overdoing "ings" in English. I'm
> reminded of a comment by the late Alistair Cooke that when he prepared
> the text of a Letter from America, he crossed out all the adjectives
> and adverbs in the first draft, then only put them back when they
> were absolutely necessary. (Pity that Dan Brown doesn't follow that
> advice.)

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