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> necoandjeff wrote:
> > Ben Bullock wrote:
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> > When the number of mispelled words in a post approaches 1/3 of the total,
> > that particular rule of etiquette no longer applies...
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> Danny likes this one too:
> Use Mail, Don't Post a Follow-up
> One of the biggest problems we have on the network is that when someone
> asks a question, many people send out identical answers. When this
> happens, dozens of identical answers pour through the net. Mail your
> answer to the person and suggest that they summarize to the network.
> This way the net will only see a single copy of the answers, no matter
> how many people answer the question.
> If you post a question, please remind people to send you the answers by
> mail and at least offer to summarize them to the network.

So how does many people sending out identical answers by email differ
from many people sending out identical answers through Usenet? At least
if there's many people sending out identical answers through the net,
latecomers will see them and refrain (or post corrections or additional

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