Re: Downloading the NHK lessons

Travers Naran <tnaran@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> mirror wrote:
> > On 30 Sep 2005 17:14:27 -0700, "John W." <worthj1970@xxxxxxxxx>
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> >>My guess is it is illegal to record a radio program and then distribute
> >>that radio program for free (minus the associated advertising, which
> >>the website undoubtedly has).
> >>John W.
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> > Ripping the stream for personal use does not constitute
> > redistribution, regardless of the format.
> You should really check your local country's regulation. Most countries
> have decided (been co-erced, whatever) to follow the American lead and
> make that illegal too. ...

In Norway it is abolutely legal.

We do not follow US law. We do not like US law. We do not like USA.

US law simply does not apply here, and it never will.

Sturle Fladmark
Oslo, Norway
the land of
the even freer