Re: English Versions of Japan Monbusho's Songs

"Anthony Bryant" <anthony_bryant@xxxxxxx> wrote in message news:x0cxf.52526$ih5.48169@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Ito-san, what is the link your song site? I have a friend
who's recently gotten a bug about some "traditional Japanese
songs" and I thought I might direct her to your site.


My main HP is .

Also searching Yahoo and Google just by my handle name, "B. Ito"
will lead you to my many other sites.

Firstly I introduce my new translations in my BBS:

Then I post those translations into this newsgroup to get any
comments, suggestions and corrections of my English and
other languages.

My new English translations of 5 Japanese Min-you songs
last December and this January are as follows.  I am going to
post here one by one after some more corrections.

B. Ito


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