Re: Yomi names?

On Mon, 25 Jun 2007 16:24:23 -0500, Bobby Clark wrote:

At our office we are looking at Outlook 2007. One of the new features is
the inclusion of "Yomi names". I tried googling for it, but did not get
anything meaningful. Can anyone here explain what a "Yomi name" is?

It's not a name but a reading of the name.

Just as business cards usually give the pronunciation of the name in kana,
most software address programs include a field where the reading of the
Japanese name written in kanji is stored. Outlook 2007 follows this
accepted convention. When you enter the kana よねもと (Yonemoto) and convert
it to kanji, Outlook 2007 'remembers' that the reading of the name 米元 is
よねもと (Yonemoto) and not こめもと (Komemoto). In other words, the kana that you
entered to create the kanji is stored in a separate field and can be used
to provide the phonetic reading where necessary.

Phil Yff