"Call me out of my name"


Does anyone know the origin of the phrase: "Call me out of my name"

Geneva Smitherman's "Black Talk: Words and Phrases from the Hood to the
Amen Corner" defines "Call somebody outa they name" as: "To insult
someone; to talk about a person in a negative way, especially to call
someone a name or to hurl an accusation at that person...."

Maya Angelou said the following in an interview with the BBC:

We were given out any name the mater or mistress wanted to use. People
would say: "I don't like the name Tommy, I'm going to call you George."
There is a real feelin among African Americans of "don't call me out
of my name."

I'm specifically looking for a reference book that might cite the
origin of the phrase. But any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.