Order of Alphabet

	In a reply to one of my posts, Peter T. Daniels replied:

"See Leslie Threatte's review in *Written Language and Literacy* (I think vol. 2), which is accompanied by my small article on how the revised understanding of Semitic sibilants due to Alice Faber makes all Woodard's arguments [*Greek Writing from Knossos to Homer*] nugatory and otiose."

Woodard also says, "... J. Watt has recently demonstrated that the characters of the second-millenium B.C. cuneiform consonantal script of Ugarit were assigned an order in the signary on the basis of sound-class membership (the same order which, *mutatis mutandis*, occurs in the subsequently attested Phoenician script - and hence the Greek alphabet- and presumably in its immediate ancestor Proto-Canaanite)." footnote 2: W.[sic] Watt, 1989, "The Ras Shamra Matrix," Semiotica 74:64-108.

Does what you said invalidate this idea, that the order of the alphabet is based on "order of sonority"? What is the current thinking on why we have the current order of the alphabet, which does date back to the order of the Ugaritic abjad at least? I have read that it might have referred to an ancient calendar (Moscati, Bausani).