Re: What was Noam Chomsky's contribution to *LINGUISTICS*?

I posted a link a little while ago to some psycholinguistic work which
amongst other things gathers some data about binding intuitions


Brian M. Scott wrote:
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> > See Jim McCawley's LACUS talk (it was a featured evening address) in
> > Chicago in 1993 (John Lawler might be able to say whether it's been
> > reprinted somewhere more accessible). He proposed studying
> > grammaticality judgments -- that is, polling, say, the students in
> > syntax class to discover how many found a particular example acceptable.
> > Such statistics, not just the judgments themselves, would be data.
> > A few years later, Postal hosted a talk at NYU by the late Jerrold Katz.
> > In the question period I introduced them to McCawley's suggestion
> > (apparently they didn't keep in touch over the years) and they both
> > called it ridiculous.
> I'd have thought it a rather obvious thing to do, and a very
> sensible one, too. Do you know whether anyone has actually
> published anything of the sort?
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> Brian