Re: Russian declension of last names ending in -enko

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Paul J Kriha wrote:
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Marc Adler wrote:
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Are you sure your Russian "Pavlin dom" wasn't a house
belonging to a female?
Pretty sure. I think Sericinus is Russian, and he's the one that gave
the examples with male names.
Well, it can be. But we would need to invent a female name
Pavlya or Pavla for that.

First, I haven't even thought of male names like Petya
only true female names Petra, Pavla, etc which would
also take -in possesive.

There are no such names in Russian.

Okay, they are not native R. names, but thousands of Petras
and Pavlas live in Russia and the language must somehow
handle that.

How would Russian handle Pavko?
Unlike Petya there is a hard consonant "k" in Pavko.
AFAIR both Pavko and Pavka exist.

Maybe, but I never heard of Pavko. "Pavkin dom" is what it will be.

Before I mentioned Pavko/a I checked with Google. There
seem to be enough examples of both Pavko and Pavka

Isn't Pafko a common nickname for Pavel?

"Pavki dom"? or is it also "Pavkin dom"?

When I say "Pavki dom" I know I am completely under
the influence of WSl "Pavky du'm".

You can say "dom Pavki", just like "dom Pavla". Inversion is
possible too but it would not sound normal in everyday speech.

Okay, thanks.