Rules to add -s/-es endings to English nouns

I am trying to understand how English plurals form.

There are some rules in
But many items there cause questions.

Rule: ... (add) -es to those singulars that end in a sibilant sound (/
s/, /z/, /ts/, /dz/).
But why then quiz has plural quizzes?

Rule: Some nouns that end in -f or -fe are changed to -ves in the
plural: <list follows>
Is this list complete? If not is there a complete list anywhere or
should there be another rule deciding when f changes to v?

Rule: Some nouns change the vowel sound in becoming plural: <list
follows>, example goose->geese...
Is this list complete, or is there really a rule deciding how vowels

There are other rules there involving some lists causing the same
question: is there a complete list anywhere?

Are there established well recognized rules published anywhere?