Re: International Conference on the Phaistos Disk

Craoibhin66@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
On Oct 10, 4:46 pm, Franz Gnaedinger <f...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Ruud Harmsen, are you out of your mind? I don't
accept your false accusation.

This is just too fun to be true. Ruud was actually *defending* you.

I don't attack people
I only give back when I am getting attacked. For
example by you, Ruud Harmsen.

And you perceive even friendly messages as attacks.

But seriously: is it possible at all to disagree with Franz, without
him perceiving it as a personal attack?

He's just demonstrated that it's possible to agree with him
for him to perceive it as a personal attack.
The third option is to ignore him, but he has shown before
that if he notices it, it upsets him too.
The fourth options is..... what is the fourth option?