Re: "chook" in Australian, "tyuk" in Hungarian

Fri, 13 Feb 2009 15:49:14 +0000: Jack Campin - bogus address
<bogus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>: in sci.lang:

The Australian National Dictionary Centre derives Australian
English "chook" (chicken) from a northern English and obsolete
Scots word "chuck". There seem to be a few problems with this:
most Australian dialect derives from southern English forms,
and the vowel the OED gives for "chuck" is the same as that in
"duck" or "pluck", not the one in "chook".

If the word "chook" was a short vowel in English:
In Northern English, that vowel and the one in "chuck" are the same
(usually realised as an unrounded [o].)
That "put" and "but" are spelled with the same vowel is not a

Ruud Harmsen,