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R. Srinivasan wrote:
On Feb 10, 9:34 pm, David Marcus <DavidMar...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

What do your quotes on "particles" and "trajectories" mean?

Non-local nature of particles is what is problematic, according to my
understanding. In the Copenhagen interpretation, the superposition of
trajectories, etc. need not be real. But the non-locality in Bohmian
mechanics corresponds to reality. I could be wrong here.

The motion of a given particle is determined by the wave function, and
the latter is a function of the positions of all particles (including
those far away). However, each particle has a definite position at all

Bell proved that any theory that matches experiment must be non-local.
The Copenhagen interpretation manages to obscure the non-locality by
being vague.

David Marcus

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