Re: new to Numerical Recipies

From: Rich Townsend (
Date: 01/26/05

Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 09:49:22 -0500 wrote:

> I don't wish to unfairly criticize Pascal. The book "Pascal for FORTRAN
> programmers" has many code examples in Fortran 77 and Pascal, and I
> find the Pascal code more readable, even though I have never used the
> language. Fortran 90 did add the missing features of structured
> programming that Fortran should have had long before, and whose absence
> provided part of the motivation for Pascal.

But, lest anyone here has forgotten, Real Programmers don't use Pascal:

The question is, who here is the Real-est Programmer? Nominations are
open, my vote is cast for James V B, for his wonderful (ab)uses of
TRANSFER(). I'm sure that, when WWIII kicks off, it will be wholly due
to this particular intrinsic.



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