Homer Simpson's Proof that there is no God.

In an Episode of the Simpson's, Homer came out with a proof that God,
couldn't exist. I looked at the piece of paper in his hand and the
location of the symbols, and considering that it was an artist's
rendering, did allocate the right symbols which I had drawn.

Jesus Christ, is not God incarnate. Never was, and never could be.
Here's why, God, is earmarked for being All Seeing, All Knowing, and
Omnipresent. That represents a mathematical location of free space.
The space between atoms is connected to the vacuum space and billions
of light years of it. Anything that is all seeing, all knowing, and
omnipresent overlaps the entire volume of that area. That is
indication that we exist inside the mind of God, as a fraction of it's
invention, or conscience will of what will exist over what will not
and does not. These makes the Jesus Christ, as God, an impossibility,
and historical references to the Sky as a God, or Great Spirit
relevant. So, then you find out that it's not as if God, ever needed
a preacher, or preachers and much less any reason or need for a person
to preach.

So, Jesus Christ is the equivalent of a divide by zero error. You can
have a Universe within a Universe, or a second Universe. But, you
cannot cancel out the existence of this Universe to make a finite
point out of the existence of an Omnipresent God, to fit into the
space of one man without the result being a second Universe. The
Second Universe, would never overlap the entire first Universe, but
the first Universe could entirely overlap the Second new Universe.

Basically, you would be analyzing the analog of data on space, and the
existence of waves that cross zero potential include an nearly
infinite number of steps. No amplifier and no signal has ever been
found to be stepping as a result of nature. So, 100 Hz AC can still
produce a perfect sinusoidal wave form in thousandths, millionths,
billionths, trillionths of a volt and on down to smaller and smaller
fractions of a volt and the gain of an amplifier can prove that the
signal could be produced by as little as a single electron or field
fluctuation of the energy level of an electron. So, as far as we can
tell the analog data storage capacity and computing power of a vacuum
is infinite even in a space as small as a trillionth of an inch.
Therefore, if there were a stable particle or set of particles that
would fit to scale the whole Universe as we know it, it could exist at
that scale. In my book, that is a matter antimatter reaction, and a
series of sub particles produced by inertial reluctance and mixing.
Every time matter comes into contact with antimatter, a microcosm or
mini Universe is born. Any given Universe, only represents a
population explosion of sub particles of sub particles, etc to
infinity. Therefore, if God, does have children, God, is producing
them by the trillion per second through out the Universe. Therefore,
Jesus Christ, is no item.

Therefore, it is impossible for Jesus Christ to be God. Based upon
Christian Views, Jesus Christ being the incarnation of God, not real,
not happening, not mathematically possible.