For the Sarfatti fans ...

I just received this from Jack Sarfatti ... in response to a post I made in 2007:

Some one using your name is making insane libelous claims on the web about me.
I thought you should know about it.

* From: Gib Bogle <bogle@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
* Date: Fri, 11 May 2007 09:57:13 +1200

Jack Sarfatti wrote:

You have also crossed the line with your slander hiding your ID. You are a vicious Troll.

Jack, what's happened to you? Until a week or so ago you never responded to any posts here. Suddenly you are not just responding, but responding without physics content (if that is indeed what your posts usually consist of). What has changed? Medication is the obvious guess, but if it's wrong, please enlighten us.

By the way, what does "slander hiding your ID" mean? My ID is Gib Bogle, how do I hide it?