Physical Applications of Tetration

Greetings everyone,

have any of you come across any references which link tetration to any
physical processes?

I have checked out Knoebel's article "Exponentials Reiterated", but the
applications he cites in biology are sort of lukewarm and are only indirectly
related to tetration.

I tried to look into nuclear fission but it looks as though such processes are
mainly growing as simple exponentials. Tetration seems to be too "fast" (or
too powerful if you wish) to describe anything physical in this universe.

I was thinking that perhaps this was a good reason why the hierarchy of
operators {+,*,^,^^,...} has a discrepancy at "^^". Maybe tetration is too
powerful a process to describe anything physical.

If any of you have come across any actual physical applications, (such as
something "growing" tetrationally, for example), I would appreciate the

Many thanks,
I.N. Galidakis ---