Re: Symbolic computation with the language c :

Robert Dodier a écrit :

(1) Implement a subset of Scheme or Lisp in C.

(2) Write your program in the language implemented in (1).

(3) Simplification of results (e.g. recognizing that x + x = 2 x)
the only difficult part. Leave it for last.

Lisp is a good language for symbolic computation because it was
invented in part to solve problems of just that kind.

Hope this helps, & have fun.

Robert Dodier

Thank for you Help.

I have try to read the faq.

But there are too many things.

Lips Scheme and Common Lisp, ...

I am under windows98.

What is the first step?

If I want to:

(1) Implement a subset of Scheme or Lisp in C.



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