Re: fyi, updated a CAS simplification comparing Mathematica with Maple

On 12.05.2012 21:25, Nasser M. Abbasi wrote:

From an old post:

I've used the script shown above by Dr Carlos on
old version of Mathematica and Maple.

I've just updated this, and re-run the above on Matematica
8.04 and Maple 14, and made new page which has new results

(link to the older page can be access from the above page
or directly, or from this link:

I've used LeafCount in Mathematica as a measure of the size
of the expression, and used length() in Maple.

The tables shown above, give the percentage of reduction
of the expression size as result of using simplify().

The expression itself is given in the page above.

Any one spots an issue with how this is done, please
let me know and I'll correct it.


Not sure how far that compares - neither for Maple's length
and MMA's LeafCount, it seems to differ by a factor of 2 - 3:

length( sqrt(t));
length( f(t));
f(t) # for which one sees 3 'signs' displayed

Nor for the commands itself (in which depth they try, i.e.
whether they are equivalent)

xtab: # = expanded powers of x
map(evala, %):
map(simplify, %, size):
map(length, %);
{116, 244, 597, 1863, 7204}

At least you should convert expressions from MMA to Maple
(or converse) to compare.