Re: Math conundrum

woodcraftssuch@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> ... But then I get to
thinking, if I had a string around a box 10" square, that would be a
40" string, but if I had a string around a 10 1/2" square box, that
would be a 42" string. Then, if I had a string around a box 100'
square, that would be a 400' string, but if I had a string around a box
100' 1/2" square, that would be a 400' 2" string, the same amount of
extra string for a much bigger box. So to my 9th grade 5 straight
algebra F's, 10th grade dropout mind, that would seem to mean that what
applies to a square might also apply to a sphere.

Excellent; my compliments! You overcame your own prejudice, all by yourself, by going back to basics. That's what mathematics is all about.

Herman Jurjus


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