Re: 4x4 matrices using Cramer's Rule

Uinseann wrote:
Anyone got any ideas on how to solve 4x4 matrices by using Cramer's
Rule. I've looked in a multitude of math books and surfed the web for
hours to no avail. I can do a 3x3 no problem but unfortunately I dont
seem to be able to see how to do a 4X4. Any advice that anyone might
be able to offer regarding the problem below would be greatly

13 10 0 0 i1 6
-10 13 0 -3 X i2 = 10
0 0 18 -3 i3 0
0 -3 -3 6 i4 5

Many thanks,


Do you know how to find the determinant of 4x4 matrices (using
"Laplace's cofactor expansion") ?