Re: the need for relevance

Han de Bruijn <Han.deBruijn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

There is one and only one real world. And we _both_ live in
it. Whether you like it or deny it or not. Anything that doesn't
match with the real world is contradictory to it.

Is this the working definition, then?

A contradiction in a theory T is a statement P which does not match
with the real world.

Is this what you mean when you say that ZFC has contradictions? If
so, perhaps you can go on to show me how it is that the claim "There
is no uniform probability distribution on N" is a contradiction. In
what way does that not match the real world? What does "match the
real world" mean?

Many thanks. Illuminating as ever.

Jesse F. Hughes

"The sole cause of all human misery is the inability of people
to sit quietly in their rooms." -- Blaise Pascal