Re: EKG What does it mean?

Andrew B. Chung, MD/PhD wrote:
"James E." wrote:

I had a pre-op EKG. I have no access to the cardiologist who interpreted the
EKG. My regular doctor is vague about explaining the report to me.

The report says:
QT 378
QTC 408

Axis: P 26
QRS 17
T 32
I ms40: 5
T ms40: 27

He then says: Early transition, otherwise normal EKG

Can someone refer me to a awebsite that explains these mysterious figures?

"Early transition" means your mean QRS vector is pointed more anteriorly
than usual.  This can suggest that you have suffered a posterior
infarct.  It would be wise if you ask for a referral to discuss this
with a cardiologist **before** your surgery.

Andrew how does his BBB factor in? (QRS17) could it be related to the posterior infarct? or is it a separate problem/diagnosis?