Re: Cholesterol drugs may treat hepatitis C

William Wagner wrote:

A> > Ok for us folks where statins cause damage. I'd like to know why

lowering my total is a good thing ?

I haven't a clue whether statins are a good thing for you knowing nothing about you or your medical history. However, for the average person with known cardiovascular disease statins will decrease cardiovascular events by about 30% and mortality by close to 20%. Statins don't cause serious enough side effects in most patients to outweigh those sorts of benefits.

B> > If I go to

there is no mention of HDL and there is no longevity benefit. LDL size too expensive for me I'm calculated.

When I go there, I see a cardiac risk calculator. I'm not sure what that has to do with the sentence you wrote above or what your sentence means.

For what it's worth, this risk calculator does not apply to people with known cardiovascular disease (i.e. the people I was saying get clear benefits from statins).

C> > What I am is suggesting that cholesterol is mute issue and the "Cure"

is flawed in that it causes harm. CoQ-10 issues.

Okay, since C is a "coherent" comment and not a question, what do you think the word "mute" means? Also, when has anyone ever suggested that statins are a "cure"? They are a drug taken chronically to treat a chronic condition, and like all drugs they have benefits and harms. In most patients with cardiovascular disease, the benefits far outweigh the harms.

Harvard my ass.

Coherent... please do not try to insult me.

Gee, you think that first sentence from you might be an insult? Do you think my pointing out the incoherence of your post is harsher than that, or do you figure on Usenet you get to make nasty comments but no one should respond?

David Rind