Re: Love thy name-calling neighbors: Pray that GOD heal their hearts.

It seems to me I heard somewhere that Andrew B. Chung, MD/PhD wrote in
article <1158195979.082090.11000@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

Don Kirkman wrote:
Andrew wrote

HE teaches us that what is in our hearts matter more than how people
may praise us.

[snip non sequiturs]

A show of faith here on Usenet garners contempt and derision from
others which earns us blessings from GOD.

So you've given up God's blessings by faith alone
and entered into a
barter economy with God, have you?


"Blessed are you who receive ridicule and scorn because of ME." -- LORD
Jesus Christ

It's that little word "earns" that gives the lie to your
Don Kirkman