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This is right up Earthquack's alley.

Well, that's where it belongs, anyway.

Chunkster is going quiet.

The chung demon flees logic and truth,,,, or maybe Andrew is getting

He seems to go in phases...based on his "revelations" and "advisories",
he'll post hundreds (if not thousands) of feverish, increasingly
posts at all hours of the day. Then, following the inevitable
subsequent mocking, he'll "go dark" for a few weeks or months.

It seems consistent with a manic-depressive or bipolar personality.


Much worse I'm afraid, more like schizophrenia.

he was sacked in Florida for being unable to work as a team player, and
doesn't attend any churches despite being 'christian'.

That points strongly to Aspergers as well as schizophrenia.


What a lovely combination, should be treated with a straightjacket and at
least 200 mg's of Thorazine a day (max dose I think.) In Chung's case, it
may be necessary to double that daily dose due to an extremely dense head
which is caused by large amounts of iridium lodged within his skull. It can
sometimes result in medications not reaching that brain like they would in a
normal individual. It is necessary at times to double the dosage of certain

Hang him by his feet, that should help.