Re: Pulmonary echo findings... (wave doppler technique?)

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Sorry for being such a pain in the ass on here.

These are from that echo I had done in December:

Right atrium:
The right atrium is normal.

Tricuspid Valve:
The tricuspid valve is normal. By color/continuous wave doppler
tricuspid regurgitation is physiologic. There is no evidence of
pulmonary hypertension.

Is it possible for them to have really been able to tell if there's PH
via this?


how do they do that really?

By using the tricuspid regurgitation to measure by doppler the
pressure gradient across the tricuspid valve during systole.

i thought the Tricuspid pumped
blood into the area towards the PA.

The tricuspid (valve) is a valve that keeps blood from back up into
the right atrium from the right ventricle.

i thought they could only really
guesstimate such flow if it was coming 'out of' that valve?

See above.

Pulmonic Valve:
The pulmonic valve is not well visualized. By continuous wave doppler
significant pulmonic valve stenosis is not demonstrated.

Again, would they have really been able to rule that out by this
technique? and hows it done?

They would have measured a pressure drop across the pulmonic valve.

Pulmonary trunk and Arteries:
The pulmonary trunk and arteries are not well visualized.

that one's still bugging me.

The sternum typically gets in the way.

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