Re: Cholesterol drugs advertised as not shown to prevent heart-attacks or heart disease

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Some of the drugs in the same class as Crestor have been tested and found
very effective in reducing heart attacks, strokes, and mortality in the
treatment of heart disease. Three examples are atorvastatin, simvastatin,
and pravastatin. Not all statins have been tested against hard outcomes.

I wouldn't take Crestor but I do take Lipitor (atorvastatin).
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Let me ask you a question:

According to the web site, Lipitor has been proven
effective in reducing heart disease ONLY if you have several risk
factors for heart disease besides high cholesterol. Do you have
several such risk factors? If you don't, then why do you take Lipitor?
It is not proven effective as a preventative in people who do not have
multiple risk factors.

Many people who take Lipitor only have cholesterol as a risk factor
and for those who do that, it is a waste.

There were some other interesting tidbits about the competion, such as
confirming that, in fact, Crestor® and Vytorin® are not FDA-approved
to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

How can a Doctor prescribe a medicine for a condition (heart disease)
for which it is not FDA approved?

As for other statins being shown VERY effective, look at:

This shows that if you already have heart disease, simvastatin reduced
heart disease from 8.5% to 5%. That works out so that out of 30 people
who take simvastin, only one of them will actually benefit from taking
the drug. The other 30 have wasted their time and money as their
outcomes would have been unchanged whether they took the drug or not.
So it is hardly, you take simvastatin and you survive and without it,
you die of heart disease. It merely reduces your chances of heart
disease by a measly 3.5%. And that is ONLY if you already have heart
disease. The article goes on to state:

"However, it should be noted that no trial of statin in primary
prevention (people without symptomatic coronary artery disease or
diabetes) has shown an overall health benefit."

So if you don't have pre-existing heart disease, the study would
indicate that simvastatin reduces your chance of heart disease by a
whopping 0%. I would hardly call that very effective. Once again, if
there was any improvement on a preventative basis, it would have for
SURE been mentioned.

This statement would also apply to Lipitor. Use of statin drugs as a
preventative for heart disease appears to be nothing short of a fraud.
I don't have to cite obscure studies to show this - just go to and see for yourself how they word this. If Lipitor was
effective as a preventative, you bet they would have put that on their
web site. Lipitor is the #1 drug and most studied drug in its class.
Don't tell me they don't have studies on Lipitor.

So, Lipitor has not been shown effective in preventing heart disease
in people for whom the only risk factor they have is high cholesterol.
Yet, this is exactly how Lipitor is being used. I really can't see how
scientific thinking people (Doctors) can justify using Lipitor as a
method to prevent heart disease. Do you?