Re: How much does Medicare pay for an EPS/cardiac catheterization?

convicted neighbor Douglas <Protoman2050@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I do not want "Dr" Chung answering this; I'd like Dr Truth to answer

There is no such person as Dr. Truth.

How much does Medicare pay for an EPS or cardiac catheterization?

In my experience, Medicare pays around $450 for a left heart
catheterization. The exact amount depends on where the cath is

What's the average private insurance rate?

It follows the Medicare reimbursement rate.

I heard Medicare pays the
IC around $335/cardiac catheterization.

This depends on where the left heart cath is performed.

How many EPSs/cardiac catheterizations do EPs/ICs perform a day, on
average? 4-8?

This is highly variable.


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