Re: Using OrthoClear?

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> >> > I've been providing Invisalign to my patients for about a year (quite
> >> > similar to OrthoClear, except with a 2-weeks per aligner instead of 3).
> >> > Works well on Class I ortho cases. Rotations can be accomplished, as
> >> > well
> >> > as extrusion with bands. Will not intrude/upright teeth.
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> >> I will be curious to hear what you have to say six years from now.
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> >> carabelli
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> > Are you developing a cataract problem too, carabelli??
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> > TW ;-)
> FFS caught it from Joel
> (fast finger syndrome)
> Lasix, 2X, one of my better decisions. I can see wonderful. Anticipated
> relapse from the original surgery never occured, thus 2X. Glad I had enough
> cornea to work with the second time around.
> carabelli

Good to hear you've had such good results. My surgeon says that if I
didn't have the cataracts he'd perform LASIK but since I'll need lens
implants soon when the cataracts are removed, that is the proper thing
to do. I was spoiled by the good part of being hyperoptic until about a
dozen years or so ago when my arms got too short for my eyes! And it
was all downhill from there... ugh. Anyway, I shouldn't complain
considering that so many people have such trouble with their eyes
beginning in childhood. Nonetheless, not having consistent vision hour
to hour or day to day is driving me nuts! Can't get glasses to serve my
needs properly. Can't wear contacts because I have some cornea
issues... it will all work out but in the meantime, I hope you all will
pardon my errors. Part of it is as you say, FFS and part carelessness
and rushing ... but reading is not as comfortable as it was once upon a
time. Ahhh the joys of aging ... ;-)