Re: X-Ray without a vest?

Steve, your collar is fine, it's just that lead aprons and thyroid
collars are a thing of the past, like dycal under composites. They have
been around or so long that everybody considers them "a good thing to
do" and "the way to go".

Check this out:
United Kingdom's Department of Health and National Radiological
Protection Board have issued the following statement:
'There is no justification for the routine use of lead aprons for
patients in dental radiology. Thyroid collars should only be used in
those few cases where the thyroid may be in the primary beam. Lead
aprons do not protect against radiation scattered internally within the
body, and only provide a practicable degree of protection in the
infrequently used vertex occlusal projection. Even in this case the use
of the lead apron could only be regarded as prudent for a female
patient who is, or may be, pregnant'.
This was exactly what I was taught in a course last year from two
radiology advisors. So unless you were standing behind a full lead
screen, don't bet on the apron protecting you.