Re: Porcelain crown discolored

Steven Bornfeld <dentaltwinmung@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
me@xxxxxxxx wrote:
I have a 5 tooth bridge and a crown on one end is alot darker than
the others and seems to have darken more and is a bit "spotted", is the
only way to describe it. It has been in for only a month at most so
should my dentist replce it or is there any way for any type of dentist
or specialist to re-color that tooth to match the rest?

I would appreciate any help as it is really bothersome, thank you.

Glazed porcelain does not take stain into the body of the
porcelain. If it was not glazed in error it should be fixed. Otherwise
any stain is almost certainly on the surface and can be polished off.


What is the best thing to do if it cannot be polished off? Can I get
what is needed to polish it? It is really crappy looking next to the
other teeth in the bridge and the out lower teeth. Thank you.