Re: Abscess formed after filling: Was the dentist at fault?

Abscess is another word for infection. Caused by dentist? I guess
we'll never know. Did he wear gloves, wash his hands, and so on?


Christopher A. Young
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6 months ago I had a cavity filled by my dentist. Immediately after
the treatment my dentist commented "if you experience any discomfort
pain from the tooth, please let me know......."

For several weeks after the treatment my tongue and area in the mouth
surrounding the newly filled tooth remained numb. I questioned the
dentist about this, and I was told that this can commonly occur for
several weeks after treatment.

The numbness gradually subsided over a period of 4-6 weeks, so I
thought nothing more of this.

However, the numbness was soon replaced with heightened sensitivity in
the treated tooth, and the discomfort has gradually worsened over
I now avoid eating on this side of the mouth because the tooth is
extremely sensitive and can not bear any biting pressure. Even slight
exposure to food can lead to a dull ache in the tooth, which results
a temporary headache.

In addition to the dull ache described above, I also experience a
pain when brushing this tooth.

Six months later, I re-visited the dentist to discuss my symptoms.
After an initial inspection an x-ray concluded that an abscess has
formed, and I would now require root canal treatment to resolve this

My question is:

I am now in a position where I'm facing expensive restorative (or
corrective?) work. Could this abscess have been caused by an injury
inflicted during the cavity treatment six months earlier? If so,
the dentist be held accountable for this injury that has resulted in
the formation of the abscess?

I would be very grateful for your comments and feedback.

Kind regards,