Re: Can I pull off a broken tooth myself?

A Digging Ape wrote:
I have an upper tooth which has broken in 3 stages . . 2 sections broke off over the past couple of weeks and now the final section broke off this morning. The problem is that this last broken section of the tooth is hanging on to the gum somehow, I guess it has broken off below the gum line. The tooth itself doesn't hurt but the broken chunk is wobbling back and forth and driving me NUTS and the gum area feels a bit inflammed. I can barely close my mouth and can't eat solid food, and I'm not sure I can do another day of just soup and jello. Problem is I'm a mining engineer working at an isolated site. I have made an appointment with my dentist back home to have this tooth taken care on my next rotation out, but that's not for another 12 days and I'm sure not going to request an emergency medivac for this. So I'm really tempted to get a pair of needle nose pliers and yank this hanging tooth section off so I can at least eat again. So what will happen, will I bleed to death? Yah, I know I'm probably making all the dentists cringe, but please try to be kind as I don't have the "normal" options available up here.

I knew a dentist who tried to extract his own tooth (not kidding--he had emotional problems, but he DID graduate dental school). Even with access to the right tools, he was unable to do this, and I had a hell of a job getting out the root. Unless you're very lucky, you will cause a lot of suffering for nothing.
If at all possible, and if anyone flies in and out of where you are, better to get on antibiotic and pain meds instead. If you can't, I wouldn't refuse the medivac if I were you.

Good luck,