Re: How long til tooth dies

It does sound like irreversible pulpitis, in wch case you will need
root canal treatment. You should ask your dentist for an evaluation
and a diagnosis.

IF it is irreversible pulpitis you will need RCT. Your dentist may
offer to perform an emergency pulpectomy (removal of the nerve and
initial debridement of the root canal spaces), and possibly pack the
space with CaOH2 (what I usually do if I'm not going to finish it
right away), and temporize the crown. This will remove the pulp, get
you comfortable, and hopefully stabilize the tooth until the root
canal and the restoration can be completed. There may be some other
variables, and complications cannot be entirely ruled out, but this
usually works. How long? If done successfully, at least 6 months.
Just be careful chewing on the tooth until the work is finished to
avoid fracture of the crown.

If you do nothing, and the nerve dies and is not cleaned out you risk
an abscess. How long till the nerve dies? No one can say. Usually
the pulp dies within a few weeks after a contaminated pulp exposure,
but it can linger on for years, especially since yours is a
multi-rooted tooth. And when it does die you risk abscess, with all
the possible sequelae.


On Fri, 22 Jun 2007 01:07:08 -0000, enroper@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi. About a month ago I had a large filling replaced on #19 with a
large amalgam. Since then it has been hyper sensitive to cold, with
lingering pain. It's also slightly sensitive to hot. Before this it
was not bothering me at all.

Obviously, it looks like this tooth needs RCT. My question is though,
how long can I safely 'tough it out' before going to the doctor. The
reason is financial. I have already maxed out my benefits for the year
until Jan 1 and cannot afford the cost of an RCT on a molar right

The tooth looks like its still vital since it responds to cold. Will
6months be enough time for it to really go south, abcess, and cause
even more pain, or do you think I can ride this out until next year
and have it treated. Perhaps in the mean time I can try to save some
money and pay it out of pocket, but its going to be tough.

I really could use some advice on what my options are for this. I
don't like the situation I'm in, I would go have it treated tommorrow
if I could. I don't fear dental procedures at all honestly. But I just
need a realistic expectation so I can plan accordingly.

P.S. Jan Drew, don't troll my thread. I dont want to hear your